The Mouse who ate Gotham

I want a Batboy for Christmas

23 May 1973
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This is my DC comics fanfiction journal. Got into it at the beginning of summer via the Tim/Kon ship, read couple of sites {by a couple I mean alot}. Most of the stuff here will probably be slash, centering around Tim Drake{Robin III} I just like the kid. Though I do have a scary plotbunny for a Babs/Slade story floating around. {I did say it was scary} Speaking of Babs I am a confirmed Babs/Dick shipper - though I will admit that Dixon was the only one who wrote it well. Saying that though there will be Tim/Dick stories, Tim/Kon, Tim/Roy, Tim/Jason and a possible of various mixing of those characters. {I do not own any of these characters nor am I making any profit. This site is purely for enjoyment.} By the way can anyone please tell me what OTP stands for?